Noise Problems Selections vol. 7

by Various Artists

After the very first 6 Noise Problems Selections here is volumes 7 - 13. Slightly different but still another perfect showcase of the ecletic Noise Problems catalog. 

CAVE is an American mostly instrumental psychedelic band based in Chicago, Illinois formed in 2006 as an informal collaborative project by friends Cooper Crain, Dan Browning, and Rex McMurry, with Chicago native Rotten Milk. CAVE live at the OCCII in Amsterdam is one of Noise Problems long time favorite and opens Noise Problems Selections vol. 7-13 Sampler.

Thee Irma & Louise live at the Winston in Amsterdam. Thee Irma & Louise have crawled out of the tundras of northwestern Switzerland in 2002, choosing to settle in Berne, city of love and Swiss garage punk capital. They have been regular guests in Europe's most dimly lit basements rooms etc, releasing a bunch of D.I.Y. records along the way. We love Thee Irma & Louise

Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation is a band from the Netherlands playing a mix of ska, jazz, rock-steady, reggae and soul, with a strong '60s influence.

We first caught up with Les Louise Mitchels way back in 2006 at a live show in Amsterdam. We didnt managed to record it then, so when they came back to the Netherlands to play the Multiplex in Leiden we rushed there. This is Les Louise Mitchels live at the Dans l´cul Danku! DIY Festival.

Marie Dolores Eliza Rosanna Gilbert, Countess of Landsfeld. The Spanish Dancer. The band, named after a famous Irish dancer from the seventieth century, consists of Floris van Bergeijk, Daan Vroon, Joram Tornij and the vocalist Ariadna.

Mexican Holiday was a band that was born as an accident in the winter of 2005 with 3 friends (Erik, Melvin, Manu) making noise. In 2007 and 2008 Robert (ex-Pony Pack) was their drummer, they played more, recorded more. End 2008 they disbanded and at the same time brought out a full-length album CD, '-post mortem-'. Friends Thee Irma & Louise convinced them to do some gigs again and here they are live at the Winston.

Nop its not porn. Its a lovely band from Switzerland and Italy. The Pussywarmers play a mix of tropical folklore and gypsy rock tunes.

Street Chanson and Gangster Swing from St. Petersburg 
There is something like the La Minor sound: warm and authentic with live acoustic instruments; no overdubs or mini disc fibbing. This band you recognise instantly and they create their own atmosphere. They are real. And they have charm. 
Founded in St. Petersburg in 2000, La Minor has been on tour in Europe several times and has played in many small clubs and bars as well as in bigger halls and on festivals since. They have since gathered a devoted fan base.