Causa Sui is a psychedelic ensemble from Copenhagen. Unknown to us until the Festival of Endless Gratitude sessions, we were blown away.  Fans ever since we payed much attention to their doings at El Paraiso Records : "Causa Sui has been described as the sound of a giant wave rolling up through the last four decades of rock, which is truer than ever before regarding their latest, and most ambitious album to date, Euporie Tide."

Out on 2xCD / 2xLP / DL on 1. The Juice 00:00 2. Boozehound 06:10 3. Lonesome Traveler/Santa Sangre/Garden of Forking Paths 11:35 4. Mireille 25:43 5. Red Valley 33:50 6. El Paraiso 44:11 7. Euporie 56:48 8. Homage 1:08:50 9. Soledad 1:18:46
AuthorNoise Problems