Independent cultural events keep flourishing all across Europe even despite the current economic climate. They are often the result of non-profit efforts, institutional support and the massive creative will of hundreds of passionate artists. We like to call it the Epic Underground - that networked cultural scene that bubbles just beneath mainstream awareness and connects musicians, producers, designers, fans, venues and the web with the power of the do-it-together work ethic.

The SOTU Festival in Amsterdam and the Festival  of Endless Gratitude in Copenhagen are two extraordinary examples of what is happening in European culture at the street level.

SOTU - Sounds of the Underground is a five day festival in Amsterdam that concentrates on alternative and independent music culture with noise, indie rock, psychedelia, avant-garde, bass music, improv jazz and underground dance. Tthe program also includes documentaries, workshops, art and performances.  In 2013, SOTU had 1750 visitors, spread over 5 nights and 7 venues, with 91 artists. It’s supported by a host of media partners and independent venues.

The Festival of Endless Gratitude is a non-profit music and arts festival founded on friendships across the Atlantic. It happens in Copenhagen and it brings together an amazing cast of musicians like Causa Sui and Emma Acs. With the support of the Danish Arts Council and a host of other institutional and independent partners, FOEG is now in its fifth edition, representing the freshest approach to new music and international collaboration.

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