Three musicians from different parts of the world. playing free music. anti music, anti free, and music.
They met in Den Haag Royal Conservatory at the beginning of 2006, and they have been playing since.
The interest of the band is purely to find honest musical moments, in the inspiration of the background from "our countries and the life shared together."

Noise Problems studio recording sessions this time in the 'Karl Stockhausen' room at Den Haag Conservatory with No Habla Catalan. No Habla Catalan in the studio was recorded at The Hague Conservatory 02/11/2008.

Ricardo Tejero on saxes and clarinet;
Ofir Klemperer on keyboard, vocal and computer; Mikael Szafirowski on electric guitar, cavaccinio, vocals and Yedo Gibson on Soprano and Tenor saxophone and clarinet.

AuthorNoise Problems