"Staggering new live album from this legendary underground post-Velvets country –honk outfit and big VT faves"

"Live they are an absolute dream, as anyone who witnessed their legendary – and completely incongruous – set at Glasgow’s Instal fest back in the day. Vocalist Peggy Snow can re-think traditional folk phrasing with alla the heartbreak of your favourite Christmas carol, power-beaming visions of angel choirs into the simplest two chord folk lament as on the staggering “Lay The Cloud Thin”, with its stratas of female vocal bliss. Their mutant take on Doctor Ross’s original Sun recording, “Boogie Disease”, pretty much re-locates it to Saturn, with glorious New Angloid Sound-style kazoo hysteria and a Half Japanese-plays-Diddley-beat feel. It’s jaw dropping. And when the sound of “Roman Aqueducts” comes marching in it feels like the Albert Ayler jug band playing hallelujah in the face of the final judgement. Peerless American goodtime music straight out of the mystery zone and a major contender for one of the last-minute records of the year. Love this group so much – highest possible recommendation!" @volcanictongue

The Cherry Blossoms Live in Amsterdam is one of the very first Noise Problems recordings. Actually its one recording that helped kickstart the whole thing back in February 2008. The Cherry Blossoms come from Nashville, Tennesse. Legendary among the folk art, avantgarde scene they are unique in their own right. Incursions and experiements with traditional country music and the freedom each band member has gives life to this free form psych folk ensemble.

A while back we where contacted by Peggy Snow wondering about the master tapes for the Amsterdam show. They where in contact with Chicago based label Hairy Spider Legs and wanted to release a vinyl format album. We were thrilled by the idea went into the Noise Problems vaults retrieved the masters and 11 months later The Cherry Blossoms - Live in Amsterdam was out.

In CD and LP formats the 7 track live album is available through the Hairy Spider Legs website or you can order from us a vinyl copy if youre in Europe. One of Volcanic Tongue's record of the year 2013

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