Noise Problems Avantgarde Vol.1

by Various Artists

Noise Problems Avantgarde is the culmination of several sessions with experimental and improv musicians both live and in the studio.

Released 27 February 2014
Art work by Yvo Sprey



1 - No Habla Catalan Live at Zaal100 in Amsterdam. This live recording is a peek at the improvisers group live performances. Ricardo Tejero plays saxes and clarinet; Ofir Klemperer plays piano, keyboard, vocals and computer; Mikael Szafirowski on electric guitar, cavaccinio and vocals; Yedo Gibson Blumenthal on saxes and Eb clarinet.

2 - No Habla Catalan Studio is part of the studio recordings from the Karl Stockhausen room at the Den Haag conservatory and a different approach to the live recording.

3 - Thollem Mcdonas plays an upright piano at a friends house concert. The mood transpires into the microphone.

4 - Mouths of the Irrawadi Live at the Festival of Endless Gratitude 2010 edition in Copenhagen.

5 - Pão Live at Trem Azul record shop in Lisboa. Pão is an improv trio. They are Tiago Sousa, Pedro Sousa e Travassos.

6 - Improvisation at Oorsprong Curator Series. Curated by members of the Amsterdam Royal Improvisers Orchestra. Sandra and Yolanda are know for their work with RIO but prove delicate and cunning improvisers in smaller settings as well. Curators decided to match them with virtuoso percussionist Robert van Huyzen who has an extensive record as an inspired improviser. Live at Oorsprong Curator Series part 1 featuring Sandra Pujol on voice, Yolanda Uriz on flute and Robert van Huyzen on percussion.

7 - Live at Oorsprong Curator Series part 2. Jeremiah Runnels on steel guitar, Ofir Klemperer on several toy instruments and John Dykeman on saxophone. For those who know these musicians you have an idea what to expect. But for anyone who has not experienced it yet the Oorsprong set 2 recording is a great chance to check out these improvisers.

8 - No Habla Catalan Revisited is the perfect finishing track. It is also part of the recording at the Den Haag Conservatory.